Ana Santl is a photographer from Slovenia, currently based in Berlin.

From a young age, photography has been Ana’s tool of expression; a way to document moments, emotions, and the places she visits. Five years ago, she turned her passion into her profession. For Ana sharing the same hobby and profession feels like walking a thin line between the functional aspect in client work and finding the spark that reminds her why she started in the first place. She describes the process as challenging, heartbreaking, and rewarding at the same time.

Five Questions to Ana Santl


How would you describe your photography to someone who has never seen it?

A diary-like mixture of portraits, landscapes, and clouds in soft, muted colors, and a lot of grain.

What makes a great photograph?

I think there is no universal answer to this. To me, it is all about the way the light interacts with the scenery, a hint of emotion, tiny imperfections, and odd notions that evoke questions, move you to another place and time, and make you want to look at the photograph a little longer.

What’s your main source of inspiration when you’re behind the camera?

My workflow is mostly intuitive and spontaneous, rarely planned out, and I get inspired by the surroundings, light, human beings, and interactions. Away from the camera, I draw inspiration from literature, music, nature, changes of mood, and emotions.

How is the photography industry changing in the digital era?

Photography became very accessible, both to creators and spectators. We are surrounded by photographs 24/7, without even paying attention the majority of the time. It is challenging to create something unique with so many impulses and images in our (sub)consciousness.

Growing up in the digital era allowed me to find the right people outside of my hometown and proved that even though you might feel isolated and misplaced, there are like-minded people out there.

It would be a lie to say that living in a digital era does not make me feel anxious, but, on the other hand, I don’t think I would be able to do what I am doing without it. I am constantly trying to find a balance between using its benefits without constantly over-producing and over-sharing. I think it is great that the internet gives each one of us a chance to pursue our dreams, if only we don’t get too distracted along the way.

Have you heard of Blockchain and if so, what are your views on it?

I have and it does make me feel like I haven’t quite caught up with the time I live in yet.

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